Julian grew up in an average family in Tyrol, Austria, amidst the mountains. He is a doctor (trauma surgeon), a professional kitesurfer for ten years and a blockchain expert.

Julian’s heart beats for the technological developments of the future. Autonomous driving will be normal, robots will take over some jobs, and we soon will pay with crypto-currencies. Blockchain, bitcoin, etc. are mostly still unknown terms. It is his mission to explain the crypto world to the masses, so they do not need to fear this development. Together with his co-founders and full of passion and enthusiasm, they (TenX) have made it their mission to make crypto-currencies spendable instantly. The more easily they can be used by the broad masses, the easier it will be for us to move into the digital future.

“This is one of the reasons why our Token Sale is among the Top5 ICOs in 2017!”