Matej’s interest in online privacy was first fuelled while studying Computer Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, where he completed a project implementing the privacy protection of mobile devices at Nokia Research Center. Since 2011 he has become extensively involved with Bitcoin, mining at his own laptop in the beginning, and later switching to GPUs and ASICs. He has served as the CEO of many Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conferences in Austria, China, Belgium, UK (BitcoinExpo, Central European Bitcoin Expo, BTC2B Congress) and more. Matej founded the first Bitcoin Marketing agency in the world. He also founded the first Cryptocurrency e-Gaming Consulting Firm and served as a consultant for the Isle of Man.

Matej is a regular speaker at major conferences about the immense potential and vertical integration of blockchain technologies into various industries. He now serves as CEO of DECENT, a blockchain-based digital content distribution platform, and Chairman of the Board of Blockchain R&D Hub, and is on a mission to spearhead the redefinition of the internet, enabled by the DECENT Blockchain Network.